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Steampunk Armament.

Here is the right arm of my new Victorian Steampunk Mech that I am constructing. Based loosely on the 15cm WW1 cannons-I wanted the feel of early, turn of the century war.

Here is the final design placed on the airship. The next step is the build the bridge and place “glass” over my “wrought iron.” Now I go and work on my Bridge.

Think I might do a robot that was inspired by Napoleon’s Dragoon Officers. I started the helmet to see how things go

Some more detail of my Colossus of Hattin. I especially like how the hand gripping the shield came out.

The Colossus of Hattin

Fabled metal giant fighting for Sultan Saladin against Richard the Lionheart during the Crusades-capturing Palastine and then onward to Jerusalem in 1187.

Be the first in your city to own a mechanical wonder “The Iron Horse”.