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Napoleonic Dragoon Mechanized Soldier under Construction.

After watching Sleepy Hollow and being inspired, I did some research and decided to instead create something a little later in history. I really liked the Dragoon soldiers with their coats and helmets the most. I do have a robot head with Tri-corn hat that still needs a body…….but that will have to wait.

Steampunk Armament.

Here is the right arm of my new Victorian Steampunk Mech that I am constructing. Based loosely on the 15cm WW1 cannons-I wanted the feel of early, turn of the century war.

Some more detail of my Colossus of Hattin. I especially like how the hand gripping the shield came out.

The Colossus of Hattin

Fabled metal giant fighting for Sultan Saladin against Richard the Lionheart during the Crusades-capturing Palastine and then onward to Jerusalem in 1187.