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Napoleonic Dragoon Mechanized Soldier under Construction.

After watching Sleepy Hollow and being inspired, I did some research and decided to instead create something a little later in history. I really liked the Dragoon soldiers with their coats and helmets the most. I do have a robot head with Tri-corn hat that still needs a body…….but that will have to wait.

Steampunk Armament.

Here is the right arm of my new Victorian Steampunk Mech that I am constructing. Based loosely on the 15cm WW1 cannons-I wanted the feel of early, turn of the century war.

Finished Victorian Rhino Beetle Mask.

Finally finished the mask. Here is some Point-n-Shoot images- Visioluxus (my wife) should be shooting with a model soon and I will have better images to share. It’s all paper with a faux gold and enamel finish. You can scroll back to see some detail work of go to my blogspot account and look there.

Here is the final design placed on the airship. The next step is the build the bridge and place “glass” over my “wrought iron.” Now I go and work on my Bridge.

Here is my Antikythera mechanism in progress. I still need to add some more gears and maybe some spheres rotating around or something. It’s just shy of a quarter in size. I will get a better pic of it when completed.

Victorian Airship in drydock. Am now working on the staircases in the viewing lounge (where that dip in the bow is).

Some more detail of my Colossus of Hattin. I especially like how the hand gripping the shield came out.

Inspiration Strikes Again!

I purchased a book at ECCC and the artist drew this inside the front cover. I fell in love with it and am making a real version. Thank you M. C. Barrett.

Be the first in your city to own a mechanical wonder “The Iron Horse”.