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Behind the Gates.

The mask I created for my wife visioluxus. I forget how things bold and simple usually get the strongest reactions.

Maleficent Mardi Gras inspired mask.

I created this after I saw some pics of Angelina Jolie in her Maleficent make up and was inspired. The model is Cara White and the photographer is Visioluxus (my wife). There are more glamour pics, I just have to wait for them. Enjoy.

Finished Victorian Rhino Beetle Mask.

Finally finished the mask. Here is some Point-n-Shoot images- Visioluxus (my wife) should be shooting with a model soon and I will have better images to share. It’s all paper with a faux gold and enamel finish. You can scroll back to see some detail work of go to my blogspot account and look there.

Finally got to work on my Hercules Beetle Mask. The whole mask will be gilded gold with both black and jade enamel. I still have to work on the wings and attach the bug parts.

New Mask on the Horizon.

Elisa and I are starting a new series based on beetles and other insects. This first one is a Hercules Beetle. I’ve posted my idea-then some of the bug parts (the two wings and the head piece). The group shot also includes the body carapace(the final design has the model’s face covered), the head piece, one wing cover and the legs. The mask is in the corner. The last two are the faux finishes with the enamel treatment in progress. Working on the wings and the legs-will post soon.

Some more images of my Victorian Airship

This year’s Christmas card that I created for the owners of my work. Each year, our department creates a card that everyone signs (about 1000 employees) and presents it at our annual Xmas party. The book measures 9x12 and as thick as any other pop-up book. This is the 4th Xmas pop-up card I created, but the first with my cartoons. Check out the rest on my Flickr page HERE

Here is the final design placed on the airship. The next step is the build the bridge and place “glass” over my “wrought iron.” Now I go and work on my Bridge.

Two concepts for my Victorian Airship.

My wife and I are restarting the Tarot series now that both of us have evolved in our artistic execution. I will make the masks with my style of Victorian filigree and she will photograph them. I am REALLY excited.

Here are some sketches for the first mask:Sun. I also uploaded a pic of my devil mask to show how the sun may be painted to look (more gold though….). We are going to create the 22 major arcana………phew! Well, here we go……….