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New mask for visioluxus.
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An earlier mask that I am actually still tinkering with.

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Very first mask I created. This mask is now 15+ YEARS OLD and still being used.

#mask #papercraft #mardigras #phillipvaldez #victorian #masquerade #halloween

The mask that didn’t make it. It was looking too flame like to match my filigree back piece.

Finished Victorian Rhino Beetle Mask.

Finally finished the mask. Here is some Point-n-Shoot images- Visioluxus (my wife) should be shooting with a model soon and I will have better images to share. It’s all paper with a faux gold and enamel finish. You can scroll back to see some detail work of go to my blogspot account and look there.

My wife and I are restarting the Tarot series now that both of us have evolved in our artistic execution. I will make the masks with my style of Victorian filigree and she will photograph them. I am REALLY excited.

Here are some sketches for the first mask:Sun. I also uploaded a pic of my devil mask to show how the sun may be painted to look (more gold though….). We are going to create the 22 major arcana………phew! Well, here we go……….

I received two pics for the wedding reception that I was commissioned to create masks for. The reception was held at the Natural History Museum in LA. They came out great and I was told they were the hit at the party. Thank you Nathalie. I can’t wait to see the rest.

Took a break from the Victorian Airship to do this commission. I created 2 masks for a wedding reception that was held at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. I will have actual pictures of the event later. Enjoy these pictures that Elisa took of them.

A few more tarot masks.

Something old….something new (to Tumblr)

Here are a few masks I did for Elisa’s photography based on the Tarot. We haven’t finished yet-but we completed a few.