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New mask for visioluxus.
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Imitation is the best form of Flattery.

I saw this a little while ago-but came across it again. LostRite on Instructables did a decent job of imitating my design and making the plans available for all. I give her props for that. Here is her link (I think her second attempt)

An earlier mask that I am actually still tinkering with.

#philipvaldez #papercraft #mask #masquerade #papermasks #mardigras

Very first mask I created. This mask is now 15+ YEARS OLD and still being used.

#mask #papercraft #mardigras #phillipvaldez #victorian #masquerade #halloween


Demon II

Model: Ophelia Darkly

H/MUA: thebirdbones

Suspiria Gown: kambriel

Amazing headdress made by my amazing husband, phillipvaldez, out of paper, paint and glue, with chain accents. Repainted with gloss black and a red interior for this shoot.

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My headdress portrayed thru my wife’s camera.


Horned Beetle

Model: Sister Thyme

Mask: Phillip Valdez

Product shots of the amazing beetle mask my husband made for me. It’s definitely one of those things you have to see in person, and I suppose it’s not technically a mask since the wearer can’t see through it.

Constructed out of hand cut paper, paint and glue. I’m trying to convince him to do a series of insects but he is not listening to me, even though I keep showing him photos of really amazing and strange bugs. I can’t really complain though, because you should see what he made me next! Pic coming soonish.

I will work on some more bug masks……but I have a robot to finish first

The mask that didn’t make it. It was looking too flame like to match my filigree back piece.

Maleficent Mardi Gras inspired mask.

I created this after I saw some pics of Angelina Jolie in her Maleficent make up and was inspired. The model is Cara White and the photographer is Visioluxus (my wife). There are more glamour pics, I just have to wait for them. Enjoy.

Finished Victorian Rhino Beetle Mask.

Finally finished the mask. Here is some Point-n-Shoot images- Visioluxus (my wife) should be shooting with a model soon and I will have better images to share. It’s all paper with a faux gold and enamel finish. You can scroll back to see some detail work of go to my blogspot account and look there.

New Mask on the Horizon.

Elisa and I are starting a new series based on beetles and other insects. This first one is a Hercules Beetle. I’ve posted my idea-then some of the bug parts (the two wings and the head piece). The group shot also includes the body carapace(the final design has the model’s face covered), the head piece, one wing cover and the legs. The mask is in the corner. The last two are the faux finishes with the enamel treatment in progress. Working on the wings and the legs-will post soon.