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Shield arm almost complete

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Hammer of God.
Here is the start of my robot’s weapon. 4 wings hold the face of this warhammer. Loosely based on a real Indonesian battle axe.

Got the 2 halves put together. Now starting on the arms

#papercraft #phillipvaldez #paperrobot #victorian #steampunkrobot #steampunk #mech #badass

A beautiful image from Visioluxus. How do I know-I wrangled the octopus legs onto model Erika Moen

(via rosscher)

Support MY WIFE (Visioluxus) by becoming a patron of the arts. This site allows you to support artists allowing them to continue to create wonderful things for us the enjoy. Swing on by to check it out.

Detail of shoulder armor

Legs are finished. I will have better pics later-with more detail on the gears and struts in the feet.

The legs of my new Holy Iron Soldier.  A little detail up close before they were attached to the waist and feet.

Iron Knight of the Holy Order.

This soldier is a response to my Colossus of Hattin. I envisioned the Holy Roman Empire building their own steampunk version. Rather than a knights helmet at the head, I thought a spire would be more astounding with a Rose Window for the eye. The pauldron is a cross from fantasy and something I saw on German armor. I just finished the legs and will have images of that soon.

Awards for our City League Basketball Team

Our team is at the bottom…..but that didnt stop us from having a good time. I created awards to honor our players with their unique talents and skills as well as dust off my cartooning skills. Funny how everybody knew who each award was going to before I read off the names.

Hopefully we can get a better record next year.