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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, I am closing my Etsy shop on Ocotber 1st and for the rest of the month you can order any print in the shop for 30% off. Just use the code “FAREWELL” upon checkout. Sale ends Sept.30th.

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Can you hear it? Another dream being taken off life-support.



puts things in a different perspective. Props

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…and still have supper on the table when Neil Armstrong gets home. We love you Future Women.

Imitation is the best form of Flattery.

I saw this a little while ago-but came across it again. LostRite on Instructables did a decent job of imitating my design and making the plans available for all. I give her props for that. Here is her link (I think her second attempt)

Seems about right.

Seems about right.

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Model: Kat

H/MU: thebirdbones

Although this looks like it’s been Photoshopped extensively, it was actually shot behind a heat warped plastic sheet with a four foot light reflector placed behind the model. The light source was a skylight that bounced the light off the reflector. It was shot in color and desaturated in PS, but all the weird blur and textures are real world.

My phenomenal wife-the photographer.

An earlier mask that I am actually still tinkering with.

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Almost finished with my Holy Roman Iron Knight. I thought it would be fun to put him in a Regiment going off to fight Saladin in the 2nd Crusades. Still have to add some filigree to his boots as well as finish up his Rose Window. Photo courtesy of Getty thru the Metro.UK

Almost finished with my Holy Iron Knight. Need to add color to the rose window and add the final last touches.

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Very first mask I created. This mask is now 15+ YEARS OLD and still being used.

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